Top 5 Reasons I Hate Your Blog

by trigatch4 on April 2nd, 2009

top-5I use Google Reader religiously. You should, too. If you’re looking for content to write than perhaps my system will help you depending on your web strategy. Personally, most of my “big” sites are information based sites with blogs and forum communities. How do I stay on top of the news?

I make a folder for each site in Google Reader and drop in a TON of relevant RSS feeds. Every day there are hundreds of stories. I look over the titles, open tabs for the most interesting ones and select stuff to cover and share with my readers and members. It’s a really easy and organized way to continually offer value on your site.

I can’t help but notice that my “Build&Earn” folder is constantly stacked with articles starting with Top 7 Ways to XYZ, Top 3 Reasons You XYZ, and other lists like this. I understand that these types of lists are marketable and continue to get front page diggs but in my opinion, lists are being whored out so much that they have reached a level of super-saturation I would rather not deal with. Nine out of Ten times I won’t open an article with a Top # list because I know it is some marketers idiotic attempt to spoon feed me garbage hoping that I’ll link to them or digg them.

It is lame. It really is. So for all of you affiliate marketers publishing list after stupid list on your blogs… please stop. You’re pushing me to the point of not wanting to subscribe to your blog any more because half the posts are garbage lists you’ve manufactured as lame linkbait attempts. In the spirit of this post I’ve created my own list:

Top 5 Reasons I Hate Your Blog

  1. You are a list whore – see above
  2. Every post is a paid review
  3. You regurgitate commonly known info – see #1
  4. You provide no original value – see #3
  5. Because you don’t post often enough – see B&E

Good luck, bro.


  1. 1. ShockMarketer wrote on April 2, 2009

    6. You require your readers to register to post a comment.

    jk, your blog is still awesome. ;)

  2. 2. larrybn wrote on April 2, 2009

    Because you don’t post often enough – see B&E

    I would rather you posted less often, but posted more interesting stuff.

    Digg toolbars, PageRank, blog hate = boring.

    Conficker virus, wf review tutorial = fun.

  3. 3. trigatch4 wrote on April 3, 2009

    @larrybn – i hear ya. i just don’t want the blog to collect dust so i fill in the dots with some random crap i think might interest some people. is it just noise? perhaps.

    I really should make a list of articles I want to write since I often have great ideas, don’t have time to do them immediately, and then completely forget about them. Trust me, I’ll keep the good stuff coming. And maybe one of the fluffier articles you’ll actually enjoy at some point. But I don’t intend to focus on fluffy… just wan’t to clarify that.

  4. 4. larrybn wrote on April 4, 2009


    Yeah I completely get what you are saying most blogs fall into the trap of trying to stay fresh so post anything that comes into their mind. This can be good thing though, especially if they have good ideas like you. You have certainly given me some good ideas even if indirectly.

    Good luck bro, I know there will definitely be some more gems in the future.

  5. 5. dr00t wrote on April 6, 2009

    Good points Rob. I agree that lists are being whored out a bit in the “affiliate” wing of the internet. However, they are really easy on the eyes and quick to skim through in a reader, such as Google Reader.

    Nevertheless, I do think we need to slow down and limit the use of lists. I suppose we can all thank ProBlogger for them. ;D

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