ShoeMoney System Full Of Shit?

by trigatch4 on January 27th, 2010

shoemoney-systemEverybody hates on ShoeMoney and have for years – successful/popular people are easy targets. I never had a problem with the guy… until now. While his ShoeMoney System is ridiculously expensive ($197 to start plus $197/month thereafter) and directed at total noobs, I’m not doubting it could be valuable for the right people. My problem? His sales pitch is packed with one idiotic, transparent lie that should make anyone considering the system avoid it like the plague.

In an E-Mail to potential customers of the system, he SPECIFICALLY says there are ONLY 500 available slots:

I’m writing to let you know the ShoeMoney System is CLOSING DOWN…
And here’s why.

If you know me by now, you know how passionate I am about engaging
with people, responding to comments and helping people out. I really
do care about customers but this takes resources.

The way things are going right now, we’ve exhausted 75% of our
available slots.

I’m looking to provide a superior experience to all of you and that’s
why I decided to only accept 500 students into the program. We’re
still open, so take the time to evaluate the offer but you need to do
this now.

But in a separate E-Mail to affiliates – those making money by referring customers into his system – he makes it pretty obvious that there ISN’T ANY LIMIT:

From the moment we open doors on Tuesday, all
sales you generate during the first 24 hours,
will award you these additional bonuses:

==> 10-49: 10% additional commission bonus
==> 50-99: 15% additional commission bonus
==> 100-249: 20% additional commission bonus
==> 250-499: 25% additional commission bonus
==> 500+: 30% additional commission bonus

Keep mailing out between now and Tuesday,
to increase your chances for qualifying to one
of our bonuses.

That little + sign after the 500 shouldn’t exist, not to mention these are the commission structures for INDIVIDUAL affiliates. I’m sure there are hundreds of people pushing his “system”.

The concept in and of itself isn’t bad: create a sense of urgency and exclusivity. Marketing 101. He does that TREMENDOUSLY well and expresses that he wants to keep the system to a limited size to preserve the integrity of service and performance. I’m ALL for that – ShoeMoney has built of a loyal following of people who trust him and I don’t in any way/shape/form blame him for capitalizing on that.

But then he lies directly to your face.

If he kept that “500” number out of the E-Mail along with make-believe “75%” crap I would be all for it. Then it would have just been a persuasive marketing letter that slightly blurs the truth. Obvious lies might be okay if you’re slingin’ Acai Berries, selling Google BizOpp packages or pushing Ringtone rebills that are impossible to cancel… but LYING to people when it’s DIRECTLY associated with YOUR name and YOUR brand of which you’ve worked so hard to protect the sanctity?

Full of shit in my opinion.

Are you going to trust a guy who uses his personal brand as the lure when right on the surface you can easily see he has broken the very trust/protection he promises? Maybe he can clarify the issue, rectify the situation, or even back peddle on his intentions… but in many ways I think the damage is done. At least for me.

Everyone makes mistakes – lord knows I’m not one to talk – and this was just a 3 digit/character error. But since this whole “system” was personally directed towards those who trust him the most, I think it looks pretty bad. Different tactics should be used in different places, and in this case, I think he went overboard. I don’t think poorly of the guy for it, I think he just made a mistake, but I think this is a terrible reflection on the ShoeMoney System itself.

But that’s just my opinion…


  1. 1. PaulG2 wrote on January 31, 2010

    I think the price is a little high for some, but not all people. About the + after the 500, I thought that was for the “waiting list” of people trying to get on board.

  2. 2. jtgraphic wrote on February 19, 2010

    All very TRUE and very disappointing things. I’m not sure if you’re a member, but I’m trying it out and I’ve done a REAL review on my website that has the same tone as your review. I’m doing a follow up very soon as well.

  3. 3. infopediaonlinehere wrote on March 3, 2010

    This is a different view of shoemoney system…

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