Got Mass Twitter Accounts? TweetMeme FTW!

by trigatch4 on April 1st, 2009

I don’t have a massive amount of fake twitter accounts – it’s not my style but more importantly, I don’t have the skills to get the job done. But I know some of you out there are creating twitter accounts by the dozens, hundreds and maybe even thousands. This opportunity is for you.

I just heard about a site called TweetMeme which essentially copies the Digg model, replacing “Digg This” with “Retweet”. The concept is to display the top tweets, presumably in the last 24 hours, by showing those tweets which have generated the most retweets. Let us see if you can put these pieces of the puzzle together:


  • The site assumes something that gets more tweets is more popular and should be listed higher
  • The site values every retweet as a single and equal vote
  • The site does not allow you to “bury” retweets

Looks like it’s time to get your thousands of accounts to start retweeting affiliate offers and bogus bullshit for the sake of profit, eh? This system sounds incredibly easy to game at the moment for anyone with a ton of twitter accounts who can automate the retweeting and lets face it – if you were able to make all those accounts chances are you can do the former. In fact, why not start right now by Retweeting this?!?!

Even more important, for you all at least, is that your window of opportunity is NOW. I’m not sure how much traffic TweetMeme gets at the moment but in due time I’m guessing they’ll close up the system to account for gaming. Some ways they could do this:

  • Incorporate how many followers you have into the algo
  • Allow users to bury retweets
  • Create a system to ban “gamed” tweet accounts from showing up on the site
  • Somehow assign a weight value to each twitter account based on some criteria I have not yet imagined

I could be wrong about some of the assumptions I made but, since I don’t plan on utilizing this strategy, will let you folks dig deeper. Also to note is that you can’t comment on the Retweeted rankings/listings on TweetMeme either, for whatever that’s worth.

There is also a TweetMeme WordPress Plugin to display a “Retweet This” button… only it says just “Retweet” without the “This”… whatever.

Happy TweetMeme gaming!

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