10 Cool WordPress Plugins

by trigatch4 on December 21st, 2006

Sorry for the long delay… been so busy!  Today I was searching through WordPress Plugins and I found some very cool ones you might like to explore.  I haven’t tried all of them but here are some that sound great (feel free to comment & add more that YOU like):

AWESOME flash picture plugin which overlays images on your page when clicked.  Similar to what happens when you click the new area headings at wickedfire.com!  Check out the demo, you’ll LOVE it! (SEE PLUGIN FIX AT BOTTOM OF POST)

Amazon Plug-In
Allows easy search and input of amazon affiliate links WHILE you are writing your posts/pages with tremendous ease!

Select your favorite posts from OTHER blogs and have them auto-posted on your blog!  Perhaps you have a website about eating healthy.  Why not create a blog about eating healthy with mostly content from other blogs using this easy method?  Then, every once and awhile, drop yourself a healthy one way link!

WP Notable
Mentioned many places before.  Allow readers to easily suggest your site for social networking communities like Digg.

Google Sitemap
Don’t be a dummy… Get indexed.

PodPress (Mighty Mouse)
Include podcasts with a lean flash mp3 player and links to download.

Sidebar Widget
Drag and drop to change the look and feel of your sidebar!  For newbs and time savers!  No HTML knowledge needed.

Related Entries
At the bottom of your posts, 5 of your “most related” entries are shown.  If someone read through your entire post, keep them on your site by showing them very related stuff!  The 5 posts are auto-picked based on keywords and such.

Adsense Deluxe
Tons of options and features to automatically embed your adsense ads in your blog!  Colors, Ad Sizes, Locations… you name it… and it keeps the # of ad units to a max of 3 to comply with Google TOS.

Star Rating System
Have users rate Posts, Movies, Products, Sexy Women…. Whatever!  Same type of system used by Amazon… very neat and offers user participation.  Always great to make the visitor “part” of the experience.

LIGHTBOX FIX:  Use the following files (lightbox.css and lightbox.js) to replace files with the same name in your lightbox plugin folder.  Then, place the following code at the top of your header.php file in the folder housing your default template.  (essentially this just tells the plugin where your lightbox plugin folder is!)


  1. 1. Ben wrote on December 23, 2006

    Nice selection there. Amazon Plug-In will be useful in the near future I think.

  2. 2. Dan Root wrote on April 5, 2007


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